We are Joe and Tawnee Walker. Since 2005 our agency has been providing professional financial consulting services to clients from Seattle to Atlanta. From advanced strategic life insurance leveraging for individuals and small business to basic personal budgeting, our focus has always been on building an efficient, meaningful and results-driven relationship with clients so that they can protect what and who they love with confidence. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for you, your family or your organization. Get in touch with us so we can learn more about your vision and goals. Together we'll discover quickly if our consulting approach can help you--and we're positive it will!



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WITH EXPERT GUIDANCE life insurance can be simple and affordable. Every family wants to protect whats important to them. We're proud to have high ratings from our clients and the trust of our carriers. We've delivered 100% of our claims without fail. More than 3,000 people have trusted us to protect their families and meet their financial goals-and we are certain can do the same for you.


WHEN YOU RETIRE you want freedom! Freedom to go where you want, with who you want,

when you want.  We can help you get there. Our advanced planning strategies shows you how to levearge tax-favored strategies that secure nest eggs from losses, give amazing returns and allow for massive liquidity without penalties. People who are actually watching their money are finding that traditional retirement strategies like 401k's and IRA are limiting their earning potential.  We put the control back in the hands of working families. You dont have to die to get money out of an insurance policy; you just need to be shown how to win.

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DURING SOME OF THE MOST DIFFICULT TIMES in our country's history the life insurance industry has thrived. Many successful entrepreneurs where birthed there: Dale Carnegie, Frank Bettger, Ben Feldman and Brian Tracy and others. They became giants because of hard work, persistence, enthusiasm, insight and impeccable customer care. Today's market demands adviors with impecable character, product knowledge and adherence to solid ethical values. Our agency has a systematic, comprehensive, results-oreiented approach to building an insurance business with quality individuals..  So whether you're considering something to supplement your current income or a if you want a buid a business of your very own, we might be right for you.  Contact us today for more info!

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Traditional retirement savings strategies have played their swan song. 401k and traditional IRA's have proven themselves to be some of the most tax-inefficient savings vehicles in the market.  THERE'S A BETTER WAY.  Click the video to find out more!


Its YOUR nest egg. KEEP IT SAFE.

Either you're already there or you're headed to it... RETIREMENT.  If you've invested and saved you want to make sure your nest egg is free from market risk. An annuity may be the best option for you. Find out more!


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We have the know-how you need.

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We couldn't ask for a better ally in business than The Alliance. Our president and CEO Andy Albright is the mastermind behind this amazing organization. His leadership, integrity and compassion has guided our team since its inception in 2002. When JWA was launched in 2006 Andy's vision had already reinvigorated the entire life insurance industry and we were able to experience success quickly and permanently. To call a man like this your friend is one of the best things in the world.


When Andy Albright and the Alliance produce quality leaders like Alex Fitzgerald you have more than a company you've got the making of a legacy. Fitz was mentored directly by Andy Albright and he's shared that wisdom with our team. Our success is a direct result of receiving support and mentorship from the most quality leaders ever produced in the industry. Because of this resource we are able to put the highest quality producers in front of clients.

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Gregg & Eden Cooley

Some  years ago I bought a house with Wells Fargo, I have diabetes and couldn't get mtg insurance, Enter Joe he drove from Seattle to Wenatchee took the time for me to apply for Insurance for me and my wife, And he got the coverage approved!!!! Even with the diabetes. We have kept in touch and he has come and visited  us at our home in Wenatchee, we are friends and I can recommend him as a friend and Insurance agent, this is how life works together right!!!!

Mary & Ricke Swaim

My husband and I purchased Forester insurance a few years ago and Joe Walker was our agent. What a personable, caring young man he is. He came into our home to sign us up and I wanted to keep him. He is incredibly trustworthy and I trust him with my life. Recently my husband passed away. Tenderly, Joe walked me through the process of filing a claim and I received a check in a couple of weeks. I signed up again with my daughter as a beneficiary. I know Joe will be be as caring and trustworthy with her as he has been and continues to be with me.



Who you choose to work with matters


JWA partners with more than a dozen top A-rated life insurance and annuity companies. Established and stable, our financial partners have earned the strong reputations they are given by providing financial security during America's most challenging financial times. Most of the carriers are also very recognizable by name and reputation.

Life insurance carriers are rated according to their ability to meet the ongoing obligations to their policy holders and contracts.  There are approximately four highly respected independent rating services in the insurance industry that best measure the financial strength and operation performance of a carrier.  We onlhy work with the best. If a company cannot support future claims or benefits, the policy is not worth the paper it is printed on. 



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